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Saving pattern files


I have processed two photos and was happy with the results but the program will not save them. I click on save as and type a file name and it adds a qpd extension but will not save. I don't want to keep doing the picture process over. I want so save my work. Other than that - -so far I like the program!
Hi Suzanne,
The process of making the patterns is very important.

If your are doing a lot of processing photos the memory of your computer gets loaded. The memory must be clear to save properly.

To save a pattern properly you must always do these things (in this order):

1. Click "new project" (this will clear out the memory)
2. "import photo"
3. select the "photo detail", "fabric of fabrics" and any other modifications you want to make.
4. click "process image"
5. go to "file" then "save as"
6. name your pattern

IMPORTANT: Do not keep changing the settings over and over again because it will over load your computer memory and not save properly!


Tammie Bowser
Mosaic Quilt Studio

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